Inspiring Choices 4 Kids


Inspiring Choices 4 Kids is our new centre dedicated to assisting children with learning difficulty, behavioural challenges and Developmental delay. Our team provide treatment and support for children with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, and many other childhood neurodegenerative and genetic challenges.

Our Team

Dr. Reza Samvat

Neuro Modulation Postural & Vestibular Rehab & Treatment Protocol Director

Dr. Alecia Chan

Neuro Modulation Postural & Vestibular Rehab & Neurosensorimotor Assessment

Dr. Arni Verwer

Behavioural Modification & Emotional Regulation Support

Adrian Stone

Occupational Therapist

Elle Devine

Occupational Therapist

Pollyanna Cregan

Early Childhood Educator & Movement Therapy

Bianca Bawden


Rustam Yumash

Brain Mapping & Neurotherapy

Bernice Eriksson

Paediatric Physiotherapist

Hannah Wildman

Receptionist & NDIS Administrative Support

Tasha Sugiono

Receptionist & NDIS Compliance

Niki Constanti