Janna Kremez
Myofunctional Therapist – Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology (CSOM)
Breathing Educator (Buteyko method)

​Janna’s programs are designed to assist in addressing mouth breathing, abnormal breathing during sleep (snoring and other sleep-related breathing problems), incorrect tongue posture/function, thumb sucking and other oral habits that cause the misalignment of teeth and deformed jaws. She also helps clients with head and neck trauma, TMJ (jaw joint) dysfunction, trichotillomania, stroke and Bell’s palsy.

Janna has been studying the physiology of breathing and myofunctional therapy since 2010. She learnt Buteyko method directly from Prof Buteyko’s student in his home country and in the original language. Janna’s teacher, Dr Mikhaylo Khrustanka, who has over 30 years’ experience helping people with breathing difficulties, is still her mentor and guide on this journey.

Janna’s training in myofunctional therapy (aka orofacial myology or orofacial myofunctional therapy) was completed through the graduate Schools of Behavioural Health Sciences in the USA guided and mentored by one of the leading practitioners orofacial myology – Sandra Coulson.