Manuela Boyle
MHSc BHSc Post Grad Nut.

Fellow of Integrative Oncology – USA

Functional Medicine Practitioner – USA

Certified Fitgenes Practitioner - Australia

Vitawell Integrative Cancer Care Program™ (click to learn more)

  • Have you just been diagnosed with cancer?

  • Are you undergoing treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy)?

  • Are you sick because of the treatment?

  • Are you losing weight rapidly?

  • Are you losing hope?

  • Do you want to increase “the odds”?

Manuela Boyle's approach to cancer treatment focuses on holistic evidence-based therapies aimed at improving the immune system function; at decreasing inflammatory markers; at decreasing platelet aggregation; at reducing infection and viral load; at improving stress management; at actively helping to resolve side-effects created by chemotherapy drugs/pain/irradiation and at improve detoxification and tissue oxygenation. Lifestyle, diet and stress-management will help you regaining energy and a renewed life-balance.

She utilizes targeted and personalised care to achieve better health outcomes for each and every person. Based on her unique assessments and treatment plans, she aims at creating individualised protocols based on genetic and metabolic markers by using a combination of sophisticated technology with the latest scientific evidence.

Manuela Boyle's role is to identify the underlying causes that may be responsible for your disease. She uses evidence based and unique natural medicine based interventions that are non-toxic. She designs lifestyle changes and individualized diets. These qualified interventions are drawn from thorough review of hundreds of published peer-reviewed research papers.

If required, Manuela will work cooperatively with your medical oncologists/radiation oncologists/oncology surgeons/urologist/ haematologist and your GP. She also collaborates with other health care practitioners such as acupuncturists, psychologists, osteopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths and nutritionists. At all times, drugs/herbs/nutrients interactions are carefully analyzed.


  • Founder and Lead Clinician of the Inspired Cancer Care Program ™

  • Complementary medicine

  • Integrative cancer care therapies

  • Personalised, evidence-based and holistic support before, during and after cancer treatments.

  • Fitgenes and functional testing

  • Clinical nutrition and herbal medicine

  • Pre and post-surgery package

  • Pre and post-chemotherapy package

  • Pre and post- radiation therapy package

  • Clinical detoxification package

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