Manuela Boyle joins Inspiring Choices Natural Health Clinic

Cancer Researcher Manuela Boyle Joins Inspiring Choices Clinic

Robina, Queensland – October 21, 2019 – With many Australians looking for alternative and complementary treatments for cancer and medication side effects, it’s crucial to have a practitioner whose work has undergone extensive peer reviews. With the addition of Manuela Boyle to the staff of Inspiring Choices Natural Health Clinic, Gold Coast and surrounding area patients now have a practitioner with this kind of experience.

Manuela Boyle joins Inspiring Choices Natural Health Clinic

Having earned her Fellow of Integrative Oncology designation in the USA, Boyle serves as a frequent guest speaker in key industry conferences, such as ACNEM, A5M, ATMS, AIMA, worldwide, including conferences in London, Orlando, Paris, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Milano, Singapore, and Dubai.

Her work has appeared in several peer-reviewed industry journals, as well as popular Australian natural health magazines, such as The Art of Healing and Australia’s Wellbeing. Boyle also serves as a peer reviewer of Libertas Academica’s well-regarded oncology journal, Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research.

At Inspiring Choices, Manuela will work with patients to identify any causative factors that might have given rise to disease. After identifying those causes, she uses evidence-based, yet natural, non-toxic interventions, collaborating with patients’ oncologists, surgeons, GPs, and other healthcare practitioners, like acupuncturists, osteopaths, psychologists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and naturopaths to put patients on a path to better health.

Having earned a Functional Medicine Practitioner designation in the USA and another as a Certified Fitgenes Practitioner in Australia, Boyle has the credentials that can help Inspiring Choices’ patients deal with cancer. Her compassionate support goes beyond her credentials to connect on a personal level, certainly a necessary ingredient in a patient’s battle with serious disease.

These interventions include lifestyle changes, individualised diets that give patients a better chance to defeat cancer and have fewer side effects after medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy. Together with the rest of the patient’s caregiving team, she monitors all the medications, herbs, and nutrients to minimise interactions and side effects. She bases all her work on peer-reviewed, published research to reduce adverse reactions and promote better health.

Though Boyle would be the first to admit that with cancer, there are no guarantees, she sees her mission as providing patients with a healthier body that has a better chance against this devastating disease. She says, ‘My role is to identify the underlying causes that may be responsible for your disease, providing individualised, non-toxic treatments that give patients a fighting chance’.

Recently, the Stockholm-based European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control tapped Boyle as an external expert to ‘provide independent scientific opinions, expert advice, data, and information to…maintain scientific excellence’ as the centre strives to prevent and control some of the world’s most challenging health issues.

At Inspiring Choices, Boyle will build on her work as the founder and lead clinician of the Inspired Cancer Care Program ™ to deliver compassionate, care that treats the whole person, not only the disease. Its mission, to inspire patients ‘to make choices that will transform [their] own ability to use natural principles for life-long health and vitality’, dovetails perfectly with her philosophy.

Patients can contact the clinic to arrange an appointment with Boyle for an initial two-hour consultation to assess their condition. Patients will receive a detailed report, as well as a script for the nutrients and botanicals and a personalised treatment plan.

Manuela Boyle ( provides personalised integrative cancer care therapies and other cancer support services at Inspiring Choices, a natural health clinic in Robina, Queensland. The founder and lead clinician of the Inspired Cancer Care Program ™, Boyle is a regular guest speaker at key conferences both nationally (ACNEM, A5M, ATMS, AIMA) and internationally (Paris, Milano, Orlando, Barcelona, London, Singapore, Dubai, and Dusseldorf). She is the published author of several peer-reviewed papers and a peer reviewer for the industry journal, Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research Journal. Besides her work for Inspiring Choices, she also serves as an external expert by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm, Sweden.