Myofunctional & Breathing Education

Breathing Normalisation & (Orofacial) Myofunctional Therapy

Our practitioner Janna Kremez is a Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology (CSOM) and a Buteyko Breathing Educator offering breathing normalisation and myofunctional therapy programs to any age and anyone with:

  • ​Mouth breathing and habitual open mouth posture
  • Air-borne allergies
  • Nasal congestion
  • Frequent cold/flu infections
  • Sleep related difficulties (such as waking up tired, sleep apnoea and snoring)
  • Daytime concentration issues, tiredness, irritability
  • Crowded teeth and small/misaligned jaws in children
  • TMJ disorder symptoms (jaw clicking, pain, and other symptoms)
  • Bells palsy and stroke induced weakness/asymmetry of facial muscles
  • Head and neck trauma
  • Tongue posture and function
  • Other noxious oral habits, such as thumb/finger/digit sucking or chewing, lip trap, tongue thrust, hair chewing (trichotillomania), nail biting, pacifier use and others

How can Janna help?

Many of the above symptoms are signs of incorrect habitual breathing pattern (usually through the mouth and/or loud/heavy breathing through the nose), and/or myofunctional disorders (such as incorrect tongue and lip functions).

For the growing child, mouth breathing can limit the correct growth of their face and jaws, therefore resulting in crowded teeth, narrow jaws, smaller airway and poor quality sleep.

For the adults, mouth breathing and myofunctional problems can aggravate sleep related issues and TMJ-dysfunction. These problems can be addressed by restoring normal physiological breathing pattern and orofacial muscle balance.

What can I expect in my consult?

Janna combines traditional myofunctional therapy and breathing correction techniques with the use of intra-oral myofunctional appliances (such as Myo Munchee) and other tools. Janna’s programs rely on the client’s willingness to form correct habits for their health, as well as their diligence and self-responsibility. For the little ones, the programs are based around fun, play and motivation.

Treatment goals are:

  • Functional nasal breathing
  • Correct lip seal and posture at rest
  • Correct lip function
  • Correct tongue position – in the roof of the mouth
  • Correct tongue function during eating, swallowing and speech