Psychology – Lynne Wu

Registered English & Mandarin speaking Psychologist, M.A.P.S. Since 1997

Australian Psychological Society Full Member since 1996

Allied Health Psychologist since 2006

B.A. Psych 1991; M.A. Prof Psych 1994 with training in family-based systemic therapy

I.I.C.T. certified Soul Regression Therapist 2017

I.I.C.T. certified Louise Hay Workshop Leader/ Teacher 2012

Lynne Wu is a General Psychologist with holistic approach to her clinical practice. She speaks fluent Mandarin in addition to English.

Lynne has had over 20 years of clinical practice in the U.S.A. and Australia. She has obtained her B.A. in Psychology in Hawaii and M.A. in Professional Psychology with extra training on Family-Based Systemic Therapies in Colorado, U.S.A.

She began her work as a trauma & abuse related psychology practitioner in the Community Mental Health Centre and private hospitals for the at-risk youth, their families and adult patients. She has been skilled at individual and family counselling and group program facilitation. Whilst working in Colorado, U.S.A., she often worked in liaison with the Social Services, Juvenile Court and public school, psychiatrists, occupation & play therapist and specialist teacher to maximise treatment outcomes.

Since settling on the Gold Coast in 1996, she has worked at Queensland Correction and local medical and holistic health centres to attend to the local communities including the European and Australian descends, Asian migrants and international students.

She has worked in liaison with G.P., Allied Health professionals and complementary health practitioners in a multiple-disciplinary team with good therapeutic results.

In Lynne’s counselling, she uses Schema Therapy, Family-Based Systemic Therapies, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance Commitment therapy, Positive Psychology, Solution-Focused therapy and various psycho-educations such Self-Confidence building, Assertiveness Skill training, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Anger / Stress/ Emotion Management skill training to attend to her Clients’ different needs and presenting issues. She assists her clients to explore their “original wounds” and enjoys empowering them with the above therapeutic approaches to improve their relationships with self, family, peers and community. Lynne’s goal is not just release their psychological wounds, but also to promote their sense of psychological well being.

With years of clinical practice in the main-stream psychology framework, Lynne is fully aware of its benefits and limitations. Being born and raised in Taiwan, a culture rich with ancient holistic philosophical and medicinal heritages, Lynne’s innate instinct propelled her to seek complementary modalities to create a more balanced and holistic approach to counselling. She understands that whilst the main-stream psychology focus more on pathology , intra-personal and inter-personal issues on the cognitive, emotive and behavioural level of functioning; the complementary modalities emphasise more on Well being, environmental and transpersonal subtle aspects. Lynne seeks to treat clients as wholesome body-mind-spirit beings for complementing the missing elements in the main-stream psychology. By combining the main-stream and complementary/alternative approaches, Lynne has seen wholesome transformative results.

For enquiries and bookings, you can contact her at Chevron Advanced Medical on (07) 5538 8811

Services Include

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • P.T.S.D.
  • Grief, Trauma & Crisis Counselling
  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention
  • Physical , Emotional and Sexual Abuse Survivor’s Recovery
  • Substance Abus
  • Relationship patterning
  • Parenting training
  • Mid Life Crisis and Cross-Cultural Counselling
  • Emotion Management and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C.B.T.) Group programs