Social Brain Counselling

The Social Brain – Dr Arini Verwer

Dr Arini Verwer is an experienced Relationship and Family Coach who has specialised in understanding the behaviour of people and how to use their strengths to overcome their challenges.

Dr Arini uses cutting edge methods to help children, individuals, couples, families and work places in their growth and development. She shares practical and highly effective tools you can use to bring out the best in each individual.

She has a Doctorate Degree in Moral Education and focused on the use of the Social Neurosciences to understand how the design of our Social Brain influence our behaviour and choices.

Dr Arini completed her doctorate in 2010 in the field of Moral and Character Education which she translated into tools to help individuals, couples and families to know their strengths and how to live a more fulfilling and ethical life.

For the last 15 years she has conducted many seminars on her ground breaking work, known as the Social Brain and how it influences and gives us keys to effective communications with others. It has been greatly influenced by the research and body of knowledge known as the Social Neurosciences which casts many new exciting and holistic insights into how the human psyche works on a day to day basis.

She has translated this approach into working with children, individuals, couples, families and workplaces to accelerate the development of their capacity to be the best they can be as a contributing member to their society. Using these techniques she has been able to experience a very high success rate in personal consultations.

Arini offers single, couples, family and group consultations.

Co Author of the book, The Super Six Heroes, Arini has utilised her research to developed an excellent resource to assist parents who want to develop an ethical character within their young children, and is available for purchase at the clinic.

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