Tomatis Sound Therapy

The Tomatis method is a non-invasive sound therapy for children, which primes the brain's "hearing and listening" capabilities through a process of re-wiring. The Tomatis method may strengthen the underdeveloped ear, helping to improve auditory processing, comprehension, communication, language, learning ability, social behaviour, voice and singing creativity, social behaviour and emotional management. Tomatis may also help the ear to work at its optimum potential.

Tomatis sound therapy may help to support behavioural, emotional and language difficulties in children with the following conditions:


  • Dyslexia


  • Speech delay

  • Learning difficulties

  • Memory or motivation challenges

  • Issues with attention and/or concentration

  • Auditory processing challenges

  • Emotional & Behavioural challenges

  • Stress or depression

  • Low confidence and/or creativity

  • Sensory integration challenges

  • Poor balance and/or coordination

  • Motor skill challenges

Tomatis can also be conducted in the home environment and worked into a family's daily routine.

To find a local Tomatis Practitioner see here.