Bianca Bawden
​Naturopath & Medicinal Herbalist

Bianca has been a practising Naturopathy for 10 years. She uses evidence based healthcare and makes use of the latest clinical research when treating an individual. Her passion and enthusiasm inspires others to trust in themselves and take control of their health.

Special Interests:

  • Live Blood Analysis – the Health of your Cells
  • Iridology – the study of health via the examination of the colour and structure of the Iris, the sclera and the pupil
  • Herbal medicine – tailor made to support your individual needs
  • Lymes support
  • Ketogenic Diet
  • MTHFR / Pyrrole support
  • Weight Loss
  • Allergies
  • Children’s health


Iridology is an assessment tool used to detect inherent dispositions. The colour and pattern of your eyes is a reflection of your genetic inheritance from three generations behind you. Whether you develop your dispositions to the BEST case or WORST case scenario depends on the way you eat, drink, think, live and love.

Iridology can be used to determine potential health problems at the earliest stage. This enables you an opportunity to prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.
Prevention is the supreme goal. Iridology is an effective assessment tool that enables Bianca to identify your specific nurture points early.