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Your program to restore and rejuvenate your bodily systems, and then rebuild long-lasting health for your whole body.

Sleep 4 Health

More than one-third of Australians suffer from sleep deprivation. The statistics on the number of people suffering from sleep disorders is alarming. An estimated one-third of the population snores and more than 50 per cent suffer from insomnia.

Sleep is vital

One third of Australians are dangerously sleep-deprived, making them vulnerable to illnesses ranging from digestive problems and depression to potentially fatal diseases caused by compromised immune function.

Few realise every hour of lost sleep goes on their body’s tab as if they were using a life-long credit card. Sleep debt builds over years, months or days, gradually robbing people of their health. After oxygen and water, sleep is your most vital need, even more important than food. One of the most important building blocks of vitality resides in the healing power of sleep, an amazing life-sustaining system where natural therapies can make immediate and dramatic changes to your well-being.

Sleep achieves the deepest levels of metabolic calm, allowing your body to re-align everything from your basic body chemistry through to your thoughts and emotions. We now know sleep performs three vital functions to sustain life and vitality:

  • Sleep rejuvenates your body chemistry for renewed energy
  • Sleep recharges your immune system and heals damage done to your body
  • Sleep helps process, sort and store everything you learnt, felt or experienced during the day

If you can identify with any of the health complications addressed on this page, they should be addressed promptly. Through partnership with your health practitioner, and the assistance of Sleep4health opens up the gateway to an exciting program to restore and rejuvenate your bodily systems, and then rebuild long-lasting health for your whole body.

You’ll achieve health mastery and learn the principles governing how your body can be balanced to sustained vitality and wellbeing – structurally, biochemically and mentally.

Beyond this, you get a personal health plan based on your body’s individual needs, and it will ensure that you can continue in making ‘healthy choices’.

Your health practitioner with the assistance of Sleep4health will do a thorough assessment of sleep quality, health status and energy through a series of comprehensive consultations. Scientific evidence and clinical data have shown that a majority of sleep related disorders can be improved using safe and natural treatments. Keep updated on our social media sites, or call in our clinic today to book in your initial health assessment, and start your journey towards better sleep today.

Sleep 4 Health Book

Based on over 65000 published scientific research in the last decade Sleep deprivation is linked to:

  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Reduced work performance
  • Reduce cognitive function / Poor concentration
  • Impotence / Low sex drive
  • Behavioural abnormality / Aggressions
  • Increased chance of road accidents (1 in 6)
  • Increased chance of falling asleep behind the wheel (1 in 3)
  • Linked to fatigue and poor immunity
  • Stroke & heart attacks – 50%
  • Poor Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity
  • Poor school performance and Hyperactivity in children

Our Certified Practitioners

Dr Reza Samvat

Neuro Modulation Postural & Vestibular Rehab & Treatment Protocol Director

Dr. Arni Verwer

Counselling and Coaching

Micaela Slancova

Health & Wellbeing Practitioner