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Quantum Frequency & Light Therapy

TimeWaver Pro

Exploring The Information Field….

The interconnections between well-being, aspects of life, such as work, family, and personal experiences are more significant than commonly perceived. These factors can present challenges which may manifest symptoms of emotional, physical & mental imbalance. TimeWaver Pro acknowledges the information field & is concerned with harmonising imbalances which may promote optimal well-being.

TimeWaver has conducted surveys in controlled and randomised groups of participants, employing an unblinded before-and-after approach. These surveys indicate that participants reported higher levels of well-being following the application of TimeWaver Pro technology. We attribute this improvement to the potential harmonisation of the Information Field, which is believed to restore the flow of life energy, often referred to as chi (or qi) and prana. However, it is important to note that these claims have not been substantiated by independent studies.

A simplified explanation of the information field…

As humans, we consist of two fundamental aspects: our physical body and our conscious mind. These two elements are profoundly different from each other, making it challenging to comprehend how they seamlessly collaborate. However, their synchronisation is crucial for our well-being, despite the intricacies of their interaction that remain largely mysterious.

The vital link between the material body and the intangible mind is known as the Information Field. It defies classification as purely physical or mental; rather, it is an entirely unique entity that possesses both attributes. Within the Information Field, communication occurs between the language of the body and the language of consciousness.

Thus, the mind can shape the Information Field, giving rise to physical manifestations, while the material world can influence the mind through this same medium. This dynamic interplay holds immense significance for us as humans because when our mind and body fail to communicate or align, it can lead to illness. Life, in its essence, entails the harmony between our consciousness and physicality, while death represents their separation.

Theory & invention….

The concept of the Information Field, a key component in TimeWaver technology, traces its roots back to the unified field theory formulated by German physicist Burkhard Heim in the late 1970s. Heim, who was mentored by renowned physicists like Werner Heisenberg, pursued a task that had proven elusive to many scientific luminaries, including Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Heim's field theory encompasses a worldview that encompasses 12 dimensions. Within his model, the Information Field is localised within the 7th and 8th dimensions. Its significance extends far beyond the realm of physics; it represents the level of our existence where all answers to every question, our predetermined paths, and all-encompassing knowledge are stored.

quantum therapist with her patient
patient enjoying quantum therapy

The experience…

TimeWaver analyses different levels in the Information Field, which we believe in their entirety make up the human being. Its database contains over 500,000 entries on all aspects of wellbeing including physical, emotional, mental, epigenetic and spiritual. A TimeWaver Pro analysis can provide us information on highest priorities to achieve wellness and balance in one's life….

Using the information gathered, the TimeWaver Pro can then create customised programs for balancing and harmonising the body's information fields. These programs can be used to address a wide range of health and wellness concerns, including stress, fatigue, pain, allergies, and many others.

Treating the cell

A decrease in the cell membrane voltage is a major contributing factor of nearly all ill health. TimeWaver Frequency’s basic treatment principle is based on a cellular improvement of the membrane voltage of the cell.

Frequency analysis

The TimeWaver Frequency system constantly analyses the frequencies to be applied and conveys them to the patient via various electrodes. It includes numerous programs and more than 150,000 frequency databases assigned to more than 1,000 symptoms.

Unique Information

The information field controlled frequency therapy integrated into the TimeWaver Frequency system is unique: the system permanently determines the frequencies to be applied in real-time and immediately adapts them to the patient's needs for the duration of the therapy.

Co-treating the causes

The information field technology of the TimeWaver Frequency intends to analyse deeper causes and connections on the physical and systemic level and to influence them positively by means of certain information and vibration patterns.

Energy of the cell

If there are too few electrons in the environment of a cell, its pH value may decrease. This is the starting point of TimeWaver Frequency, which aims to reverse this process by way of restoring the natural voltage of the cell membrane.

Cell membrane voltage

TimeWaver Frequency’s low intensity currents communicate with the cells via the language of frequencies. TimeWaver Frequency treatment aims to counteract extracellular acidosis and to restore the natural cell membrane voltage to preferably about -70 mV.

Biofield Therapy

Radka Serpa serves as our biofield practitioner, utilising frequency technology to address the concept of Total Body Load within the biofield.
In this framework, we metaphorically envision the body as an empty barrel. Each encounter with a stressor contributes to filling this barrel. When the influx of stressors remains manageable, the body's regulatory mechanisms effectively process and eliminate them, preventing overflow.

The capacity of the barrel varies from individual to individual, reflecting their unique constitution. However, an excessive accumulation of stressors can overwhelm the body, causing the barrel to overflow and potentially compromising our health.

This principle, referred to as Total Body Load, underscores the importance of managing and balancing stressors to maintain health and well-being.

In Europe, The TimeWaver Pro is primarily used by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, naturopaths, and wellness practitioners, to support their clients' health and wellbeing.Whether it pertains to healthcare, well-being, energy, sports, commerce or mentoring, the TimeWaver Pro system presents an array of possibilities for enhancing well-being.

The application…

The application is entirely non-invasive, allowing clients to experience no more than a minor tingling sensation during the procedure. Lasting around 20 to 60 minutes, the clients can fully relax, allowing the frequencies to take effect. This innovative approach combines TimeWaver Information Field technology with microcurrent frequencies, allowing for an in-depth examination of the information field rather than solely addressing surface-level issues.

So sit back, relax and soak in all the good frequencies of TimeWaver Pro

Additional energy modalities available in clinic:

  • Biophoton Light Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent Treament ( FSMC)
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy ( PEMF)
  • Quantum Light Therapy


Science does not acknowledge the existence of the Information Field, its analysis, harmonisation and other importance due to the lack of scientific evidence. Individualised Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) programs are not acknowledged by conventional medicine due to the lack of scientific evidence in the sense of conventional medicine. Use of TimeWaver products, programs or information is at the user’s own risk and subject to the user’s discretion and professional judgment. The TimeWaver companies specifically disclaim responsibility for user decisions related to the use of TimeWaver products or services that are outside the scope of the Instructions for Use and company-provided manual.

Our Certified Practitioners

Micaela Slancova

Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

Radka Serpa

Health & Wellbeing Practitioner