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Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

Michaela Slancova ​

Michaela is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner with a focus on the information field and biofeedback technologies. Her work primarily revolves around quantum information field analysis and finding healing priorities to optimise blockages through combining numerous modalities she has learned over the past decade.

Michaela has been trained in the use of German state-of-the-art Quantum Information Field and Frequency technology called Timewaver and was the first to bring this innovative tool to Australia. She has also introduced Timewaver’s baby sister, Healy, a microcurrent frequency device to the Australian market. Michaela strongly believes that distortion of health is a direct or indirect result of trauma, whether physical, psychological/emotional, biochemical, or spiritual. Through her personal and clinical experience, she has found that unresolved trauma can eventually affect all layers and levels of our existence if not properly addressed.

As a result, Michaela has studied various modalities across different fields including Yogic philosophy and training, kinesiology-based muscle testing and energetic work, N.O.T (Neuro Organisational Technique), Theta Healing, metaphysical studies, QiGong, personal development, and most recently and importantly, holistic counselling. Her work is not limited to information field and frequency work, as she integrates holistic counselling into her practice as an integral and innate part of her work.

Michaela is committed to empowering her clients through their healing journey and has recently integrated another modality “ Light”  into her treatments . After her own journey through sickness and a lack of energy, she was intuitively guided to use the vehicle of light to deliver healing frequencies.

She has combined light and colour with different frequencies to assist rebalancing the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems into homeostasis, which is incredibly powerful in assisting clients struggling with allergies and sensitivities, emotional and mental instability, and enhancing the alertness of the mind.

Michaela is dedicated to working with clients who are keen, ready, and willing to shift their patterns and make a difference in their own lives. She believes that this journey requires a lot of courage and internal accountability and has huge admiration for those determined to do the work. Through her work, Michaela aims to assist her clients in achieving optimal health and wellbeing, empowering them to create positive ripples of healing in their families and wider circles.

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