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Near & Far
Infrared Sauna

Surpassing traditional saunas...

Step into a realm of complete wellness with our state-of-the-art Near and Far Infrared Sauna sessions, tailored to redefine your health goals. It's more than the sleek FSC-certified wood design or the cozy warmth of infrared heaters—it's the seamless fusion of near and far infrared technologies. In today's sauna market, numerous options promise ancient thermogenic healing properties. However, not all deliver on these claims, emphasising the importance of discernment. Distinguishing between traditional, infrared, and near far infrared sauna or heat therapy is crucial. Traditional saunas heat the surrounding air, while infrared counterparts target internal heat, operating at lower temperatures. Infrared light, a spectrum from the sun, covers a range of nanometers. Near far (NIR) spans 700 to 1400 nm, and far infrared (FIR) reaches 3000 to 100000 nm. Most Australian sauna brands utilise far infrared technology, typically using carbon panel heaters that emit EMF frequencies, posing potential risks. While far infrared penetrates minimally below the skin (0.1 mm) and may offer effects like improved circulation, pain reduction, and alleviating arrhythmias, it falls short in driving out toxins and heavy metals compared to deeper-penetrating therapies.

What are the benefits

Near and far infrared saunas utilise heat and light for profound benefits. A quality sauna emits minimal EMF frequencies, enabling deep penetration—up to 5 inches into the skin. This deep-reaching warmth triggers the release of toxins, particularly from fat cells, aiding detoxification through sweat. The therapeutic effects extend to metabolic healing, inducing the production of heat shock proteins that combat oxidative stress, scavenge free radicals, and support antioxidant production. The benefits encompass collagen stimulation for skin, joint, and cartilage repair, bolstering immunity, reducing inflammation, and accelerating muscle recovery. Moreover, near and far infrared therapy aids in brain health by releasing heavy metals and increasing oxygenated blood flow, potentially lowering dementia risks. It enhances relaxation, aids wound healing, boosts energy production in mitochondria, and aids in eliminating toxins like BPA, heavy metals, and harmful phthalates.


The HOCATT™ is an advanced sauna system that offers enhanced detoxification and heavy metal chelation compared to traditional saunas. It utilizes ozonated steam to infuse the body with Super-Oxygen products, aiding in toxin and heavy metal removal. The HOCATT™ also serves as a steam sauna chamber, facilitating toxin elimination through sweating. If the HOCATT™ sauna is not suitable for certain individuals, they may choose our open Near & Far Infrared Sauna without ozone. Discuss your health goals with our team and they will assist you in choosing the sauna best suited to your needs.

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How many sessions do I need ?

Frequency is dependent on the individual's goals. Once you feel acclimatised to the infrared heat and ready to gradually increase your sessions, consider visiting our sauna three to four times a week. Rest assured, our expert team will be in close proximity, ensuring your safety and well-being throughout your experience. Discuss your health goals with our team to identify which sauna is most suited to your goals.

Dr. Deb Dyer

Deb Dyer

Chief Hyperbaric Executive RN

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Counselling and Coaching

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Health & Wellbeing Practitioner