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Functional Neurology / Neuroplasticity

The subtle changes of the nervous system before they become more significant problems

The role of Functional Neurology

The practice of Functional Neurology is adopted by various modalities of practice, including chiropractic, psychology, occupational therapy and even by some conventional western medical practitioners. Its goal is to assist nervous system conditions without medication or, as an adjunct to treatment with medication. Functional neurology is more frequently practised by chiropractors.

What is involved in Functional Neurology Treatment?

Traditional neurology assesses the nervous system and its functioning from a conservative approach whereby it is determined whether there is an absence or presence of neurological diseases such as tumours, strokes, etc.

A thorough case history is taken, along with a non-invasive examination. A treatment plan is formulated which is targeted and specific to the patient’s current health. Any copies of blood tests, x-rays, MRIs or other tests will be assessed during this time.

Treatment is unique for each patient, based on the bio-individuality of their nervous system.

How does Functional Neurology work to treat conditions?

Treatment is aimed at retraining the brain through harnessing Neural Organization Technique (NOT).

Neurons require fuel and stimulation to survive and thrive, so treatment with NOT may involve specific exercises (eye exercises, cognitive exercises, balancing activities, joint adjustments). Different stimuli target specific areas and pathways in and of the brain with sound, smell, light and touch.

What is Neural Organization Technique

Chiropractic Practice, Physical Modalities and Sleep Chapter

The Neuro-muscular-skeletal integration also known as NOT ‘neuro organisational technique’ is a powerful chiropractic kinesiology treatment (using the science of neurology, nutritional biochemistry, crania-sacral therapy, acupuncture, NLP and chiropractic), designed to help educate nerve receptors that inform the brain about the exact positions and movements that occurs in all activities, maximising performance, minimising injury and accelerating recovery.

functional neurologist with his patient

NOT is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on improving “chronic dysfunction & adaptation” in the body by addressing the brain's primary neural network systems for survival. These systems include:

  • Visual
  • Vestibular (balance and spatial orientation)
  • Proprioceptive (body position and movement & temporomandibular joint)
  • Auditory
  • Tactile (touch and pressure)
  • Olfactory (smell)
  • Neuroendocrine ( hormonal system & reproduction )

It has shown effective in the management of:

Head Injuries, developmental delays, ADHD, balance disorders, unresolved neuromuscular disorders, chronic pain, sleep disorder, compromised immune system, children behavioural disorders, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia and TMJ disorders.


Our Certified Practitioners

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Neuro Modulation Postural & Vestibular Rehab & Treatment Protocol Director

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